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Projekt Plakatu do Sztuki Teatralnej “Lód” W. Sorokina
Poster for Competition by AMS. “Violence. Silence”Plakat na 13. konkurs AMS. “Przemoc. Twoja Sprawa.”
Poster with Polish quote
Plakat: “Co strona to żona, co parafia to dziecko”
Typographic exercise to express word: “bat” in polish “nietoperz”

Small book exercise for poetry of Kenneth Rexroth translate to Polish language

Posters - project for the competition organized by Foundation “Archeologia Fotografii”. First project was qualified for final stage of competition.

The task was to create poster for the title “I’m Baker”

oil on canvas, 2009

Typography - Lyrics of the traditional Polish carol “Z narodzenia Pana”

Typograficzny projekt kolędy “Z narodzenia Pana

Branding for non-existing company named after a famous Slovak outlaw, Janosik

linocut, 2012
oil on canvas, 100x40cm, 2010
oil on canvas, 100x130cm, 2011